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How it works

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Why we love cities

Over 50% of people live in cities – generating over 70% of our climate footprint

But cities also offer an immense opportunity to create better places to live while contributing to a healthier
planet. Through better transport, green buildings, harnessing the power of nature, wasting less and loving
more, cities can lead the way to a climate-friendly future.

We love to get around

We love to get around

Our participating cities are transforming the way people travel. For sustainable cities, improving the way people get around also means reducing the amount of energy we use while improving air quality and health. Transportation accounts for 25% of global energy use so cities are finding ways to change that. Car-free and car-restricted areas, electrification, more public transport, promoting cycling and pedestrian-friendly streets are just some of the better ways to travel that will lead to a healthier environment.

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We love the power of nature

We love the power of nature

Our participating cities love the power of nature and are becoming hotspots for nature-based solutions and renewable energy solutions. Right now, city dwellers are responsible for over 70% of our planet’s energy-related carbon emissions. But by becoming trailblazers for renewables, cities have the opportunity to change that. From solar water heating, geothermal heating, biogas, wind farms, solar electricity and smart grids, renewables don’t affect the air we breathe, our water supplies and our climate system. And that means healthy, happier people.

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We love green buildings

We love green buildings

Our participating cities are at the forefront of improving the places that we live and work. Buildings define the character of our cities. But it’s not just about what they look like, it’s about how they work too. Buildings use one third of the world’s energy, and in bigger cities they account for up to 80% of carbon emissions. By championing new designs, incentives and standards, cities are leading the way to more energy-efficient homes, and inspiring a global trend where new buildings become energy producers rather than energy consumers.

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We love you

We love clean living

By wasting less and loving more, our participating cities are leading the way to smart waste solutions. Like turning waste into a resource. Biogas, district heating, compost, fertilizer, irrigation, and recycled goods all come from waste and waste water. And making these resources creates jobs too. By minimizing and trapping waste for material and energy, smarter urban waste management improves the economy, the environment and promotes clean living – all at the same time.

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We love to eat

From top restaurants to cool street stalls,
food is a big part of what defines a city

From top restaurants to cool street stalls, food is a big part of what defines a city. It’s also becoming a big part of the sustainability journey. Climate-smart food procurement and the promotion of more veggie based diets addresses food’s climate impact as well as health issues; urban farming is improving food security; while hospitals and schools are recycling packaging and composting leftovers so nothing goes to waste. The more cities use the power of food, the better cities will become.

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What’s it all about

Building a future in which people live in harmony with nature

Global engagement

We Love Cities has reached over 200 million people globally since its inception in 2013. Over 150 cities have participated, with over 10 million citizen engagements and more than 100,000 citizen improvement suggestions shared to city officials.

Run by WWF

The initiative is run by WWF — the world’s leading nature conservation organization — passionate about building a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

To thrive and prosper

As a key aspect of that mission, we support the creation and development of cities that enable all people to thrive and prosper while respecting the ecological limits of our one and only planet!


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